Terminator T-800

Lily Munster

Finished my portrait of Lily Munster for my Monster Mugshots series. I’m excited for the new The Munsters movie coming from Rob Zombie. Yvonne De Carlo will always be Lily for me, but I’m looking forward to seeing Sheri Moon Zombie in the role.

It’s been 40 years since the last movie. It’s about time they brought it back. Perhaps there will be new Munsters merchandise. I could go for some action figures.


Just finished Spawn for my Monster Mugshot series. I still plan to do one with his mask off so he looks even more monstrous.

“You are one ugly mother…”

That’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger says at the end of the movie when they finally reveal the Predator’s face. They say what you can’t see is scarier but I love that they showed his face. I had never seen a creature anything like that before and it still fascinates me. Thank you Stan Winston for designing it and James Cameron for thinking of the mandibles.

Predator Mugshot Colors 300dpi
Predator Mugshot, 11"x17", 2019

I love Swamp Thing

I love Swamp Thing, even the 80’s movies. When I was 10, I was given an original comic art page from Swamp Thing. I still have it. That was my first glimpse at how comics are made.