Our Approach

I've Never Made A Comic Before

As a kid, I spent hours at the library after school, reading art books and drawing my favorite scenes from comics. When it closed, I moved down the street to the pizza shop and kept drawing until my mom got home from work to pick me up.

In college I studied Fine Art, while working as a graphic designer, an assistant at the university's art gallery, and publishing a daily comic strip in the school newspaper. I held down three jobs and I still couldn't afford my art supplies. I switched my major to computer science so that I could earn enough money to support myself while making art. I kept drawing and painting on nights and weekends.

Twenty years have passed. I rediscovered comics and now that kid from the library really wants his chance to be a comic book artist. I'm working on my own book, filled with: time-traveling demons; endangered occupations like bookbinders, cobblers, and hand-tool-only woodworkers; locksport; aerial lyra and silks; graffiti writers; ancient writing systems; and everything else that fascinates me.

Our Story


Follow me on the social media of your choice, and watch me: write the scripts; draw, ink, color, and letter the pages; find a publisher or a printer; promote the book; deal with the business; and hope to find an audience.