Month: July 2019

  • I love Swamp Thing

    I love Swamp Thing, even the 80’s movies. When I was 10, I was given an original comic art page from Swamp Thing. I still have it. That was my first glimpse at how comics are made.

  • Hellboy Mugshot

    Hellboy started looking real to me once I added the blood and dirt.

  • Meet Minnie

    She likes math, monsters, and alliteration.

  • Color Grumpy Cyclops with Me!

    Color grumpy Cyclops with me! Download a free high-resolution TIFF file of my ink drawing from my website: Then watch the walkthrough of my coloring process on my YouTube channel:

  • Grumpy Cyclops

    I did a draw-along with @toddnauck ‘s recent YouTube videos. So much fun and I learned a lot. Grumpy Cyclops here came out the best so I colored him digitally with Photoshop.